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What protocol enhancements needs to be made to public blockchain to allow for enough privacy to allow for information about more privacy-sensitive transactions, like healthcare visits ( associated metadata)
The most powerful technology that holds promise in direction is, of course, cryptographically secure obfuscation. In general, obfuscation is a way of turning any program into a “black box” equivalent of the program, in such a way that the program still has the same “internal logic”, and still gives the same outputs for the same inputs, but it’s impossible to determine any other details about how the program works. Apply this to blockchain technology and it becomes virtually impossible to breach or hack therefore protecting and safeguarding privacy-sensitive transactions and data like nothing else !
Is UBI via crypto-currency a good idea, and if so which one has the best implementation?
Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a very new concept that has massive potential if implemented the right way. Some economists described it as a solution to poverty, labor market and bloated wellfares. Perhaps one of the best examples of implementing UBI is have a look and let me know what you think.
Why is a good choice to invest in altcoins while bitcoin rise?
Because Altcoins are currently witnessing a bloodbath due to all the supply and demand currently focusing on bitcoin and its associated forks. When this settle down investors will transact Altcoins again which will increase their values hence now it's the right time to get in. I advise you invest in NEO and OMG for the time being.
Hi guys and gals, what crypto currency exchange can you advise me for my crypto trading?
Bittrex... very popular crypto exchange with many features... global reach and offers a massive variety of crypto coins... One of the most secure exchanges and wallets as well.
What does the company issuing coins in an ICO have to do with the money?
Well companies need to raise money through the new fundraising concept called initial coin offering (ICO). ICO is to crypto startups and cryptocurrency what IPO (Initial Public Offering) is to companies and stocks where the first you hold digital coins while the second you own shares. Those coins if ICO was successful and startup commits to its promises and development roadmaps will appreciate in value over time especially after hitting the exchanges and investors will receive good ROI and potentially even dividends, plus they can use their coins to purchase products or services offered by the same startup who fundraised their idea through ICO,
Best ico running now
If I were you I would keep a very close eye on an ICO that is launching very soon ... Overstock to launch what is considered to be the largest ICO to date... a massive half a billion dollars! The 500 million dollars ICO will likely get a lot of attention towards cryptos knowing how mainstream Overstock really is. This one is definitely a must watch as it is going to be truly huge Knowing the cheer potential and i see it as a very promising ICO for investors in terms of financial gains and profitability.
Can I create new crypto currency on Ethereum block chain? If so can it be mined or private?
You can definitely create a new crypto coin on Ethereum blockchain and here's a detailed guide on how to do it: ... and yes it can be mined as it will be inherently intrinsic to the ethereum blockchain and therefore like ETH your coin can be mined too through its own blocks however the mining software might need to coded and programmed accordingly as it's not set by default if I'm not mistaken.
Has anyone noticed the rise in lending platforms this month? Thoughts, ideas, opinions?
Not everyone has cash and liquidity to invest therefore many would wont to borrow money to invest in crypto. and with the massive surge of btc and associated forks many more are aware of the cheer potential and this is implies in terms of financial gains and profits and they want to jump on the bandwagon... therefore the rise of the lending platforms ....
What will happen to Bitcoin price after the next hard fork?
if you noticed after each btc hardfork prices rise a bit then go down again for correction. then gradually and slowly start to rise again in a more stable and steady pattern. so i think on the short term we will notice bit of volatility that will pave the way to more upward patterns in the near future shortly after the hardfork. BTC is truly unstoppable... the appreciation of this coin will reach sky high in 2018.... experts and analysts all agree that it will easily cross the usd 10,000 by end of next year... so let us wait and see...
How can we link IPFS and ethereum blockchain together ?
you store any file into IPFS and then you store the IPFS hash in the Ethereum contract. Any user with an IPFS node is going to be able to access the file using that hash. You can store data, images, the front end, etc. whatever you want.
Here you have an example:
Please give me a list of dApps erc20 tokens that will launch in the mainnet or launch their fully working product before or after metropolis (next year)
Here is a full list of erc20 tokens that has launched or will launch in the coming year or so...
Please kindly explain in laymen terms the importance of metropolis stage? What are the main features? How does this help dApps (erc20 tokens) that plan to release after metropolis?
Some of the advantages of metropolis and the benefits all ethereum based tokens will profit from are the following :
1. Proof of Stake early implementation.
2. Flexibility and robustness of smart contracts.
3. Account Abstraction ... This is very technical stuff to explain over here .... Have a good read of this article and u will understand everything u need to know about the ethereum metropolis update:
For an ICO, can we first get private investors for a 5% token ownership at a particular price, then hold a pre-ico at a slight higher rate and then an ICO for the public with an increased price?
Of course I don't see why not. But u need to disclose this clearly in ur white paper for transparency and credibility purposes. Besides that nothing stops u from allocating your ico fundraising as u see it fit according to the above phases as long as u deliver on ur promises and offer a real value proposition to your potential investors
How does the bonus work in an ICO?Is the bonus given from the total supply or new tokens are created to compensate for the bonuses such as ICO's give bonuses anywhere from 40-5%. How does it all addup
You simply divide the amount of funds raised by the total number of tokens...
If 40% bonus is of first week , how to calculate it? Same way — after ICO completion and final token distribution you just increase the amount of tokens for everyone who is eligible to earn a bonus.
What if an ICO reaches its soft cap lets say at $500,000 and collects a total of $750,000 while the hard cap is 1 mil. So will the ICO get $750,000 or $500,000 while the rest is refunded?
Soft cap is the realistic minimum that an ico is aiming to fundraise as for the hard cap it's the exaggerated maximum set by an ico campaign. If ur hard cap is 1 million but u managed to get 750 k onboard of course u keep the 750 k and don't have to lower it down to the min of 500 k. Nothing is refunded u get the whole 750 k as long that it falls within the range of the soft and hard cap
Is there a max cap in a Pre-ICO? If during the pre-ico the specified no. of tokens are not all sold and the pre ico has ended.what will happen to all those coins that were not sold during the pre-ico
The max cap in an ico is what you choose it to be. It's totally upon your own discretion to choose the cap so make sure to choose wisely as you don't want to inflate the number and make it ridiculously high and you don't want to deflate the number so it doesn't make financial sense to you. I think what remains from the coins you can either use them as a bonus or burn them ... Also this is a call you decide on.
So all a team has to do before an ICO is to make a smartcontract for the token and the crowdsale only? After they have raised enough capital after an ICO, do they than work on the MAIN smart contract
Exactly that's if a smart contract is involved with your startup. Many blockchain startups don't use smart contracts for their proof of concept and to validate their ideas. It's of course your call depending on what you are planning to achieve and problem you are trying to solve through your ico
Are tokens with voting rights considered as securities?
This is very debatable. The US security and exchange commission SEC says it is while the crypto community says it's not ... A very debatable topic that is still very premature to decide on and make conclusions.
I plan on conducting a private investor round for our ICO. Is it necessary that I have to deploy smart contracts for this too?
See if your ico is a blockchain based startup that requires a smart contract deployment this doesn't mean in anyway that u need that to reward your investors with coins or tokens. U just send them out those digital assets in return of their investments without this involving in anyway shape or form any smart contracts ... Unless you want the system to take care of your transactions without your manual intervention then u can develop a smart contract to take care of exactly that . But besides that no need for a smart contract at all. Hope this is clearer now ?
Do the buyer and the seller in a smart contract have to OK the deal by using a digital signature or just by confirming it through a button?
I think this is at your own discretion to decide on ... It's formality and u decide how u want both parties to transact whether be it through digital signature or a click of a button ... That's a procedural step that you decide how to design ... Either way it will work as you want it to ...
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