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Is it better to build own Blockchain or rely on existing solutions like Ethereum?
To be honest Abhimanyu, I am not active in HelpTap...and the reason is, being a Smart contract learner/developer I am looking for those groups or community who are specifically for Eth. SC development....please dont take it other wise, but when ever I land into HelpTap, I find mostly non technical questions related to Blockchain (its just my opinion, hope you understand what developers want), which are very definitely helpful for understanding Blockchain but not for Ethereum SC development
Now if you ask for one suggestion then I think have 2
1) May be you can create a separate group in helptap for developers only
2) Is there any Mobile app for HelpTap?? If not, then using mobile app is always helpful to connect... or may be you can create one simple app which will open this site in mobile browser...since this app itself is responsive..(bad but quick idea)
How to write a smart contract?
Smart contracts can be written using Solidity in Etherum
We're launching a common ICO evaluation framework on HelpTap for everyone's benefit and will be reviewing and ranking each ICO based on predefined variables and scoring algorithm. Good idea?
So it will be like ICO rating application right? Its a very good idea, since there are many ICOs in the market and to help investors to choose the legitimate ICO, ICO rating app is a very good idea. having said that, I think here the challenge is to develop those algorithm to rate ICO (say from A to E).
Can I create new crypto currency on Ethereum block chain? If so can it be mined or private?
yes you can create you own currency on Ethereum private blockchain...and it can be mined as well
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