Why is a good choice to invest in altcoins while bitcoin rise?

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It might not be a good idea to invest in altcoins just because Bitcoin is rising in price. Just recently before the BTG fork was a great time to invest in some altcoins because everyone was buying bitcoin so they could get the free BTG and a lot of the Altcoins were down in price but this is not normally the case in my experience. A lot of the times when the bitcoin price is low, some altcoins will be also or vice-versa. Every coin is different and you really can not go by the price for bitcoin to invest in another coin.

Always remember you want to buy low and sell high. Before buying any coin you want to look at the chart history to make sure you aren't buying during a high and make sure you have a good understanding of what you are investing in.

Coincheckup.com is a great site that rates each coin with a fundamental analysis over eight study categories:

Open communication channels
Team strength
​Product strength
Coin strength
Business/Company strength
​Backed by community
Advisory board strength
Activity on social media

It also has historical growth performance for each coin and price predictions based on other markets growth patterns.

These are all very important but no coin is going to be perfect and each one will have its own strengths and weaknesses. You need to look at it like as if you are investing in a business because basically, you are.

Have you read the white paper?
What problem does it solve?
Who is the competition?
Do you believe in & understand the project?
How is the money being spent?
How is it going to make money?
Who is the Team?
What are their backgrounds?
Do you think they will work hard to make your investment profitable?
Have you seen any news posts or updates lately?

You need to ask yourself these type of questions and try to find the answers because basically, you are trusting them with your hard earned cash hoping to make a profit.

These should be some of the deciding factors when investing in any crypto.
I hope this helped with your question. Here is the link below and please, remember this site is just one resource. I highly recommend that you do your own research for any anything you plan on investing in and always remember do not invest what you can not afford to lose.

Because Altcoins are currently witnessing a bloodbath due to all the supply and demand currently focusing on bitcoin and its associated forks. When this settle down investors will transact Altcoins again which will increase their values hence now it's the right time to get in. I advise you invest in NEO and OMG for the time being.
Hi Raul.. Ultimately, only you can can decide when is the right time for YOU to invest, but recent market activity certainly has presented some opportunities to buy into some great coins cheap. Most altcoin prices are taking a dip right now while everyone is stocking up on Bitcoin in time for the forks, so now could be a great time to stock up on coins you've had your eye on. As they say, buy the dips. And right now there's a whole lot of dipping going on! After the fork, I'd expect to the Bitcoin price come down and the altcoins to start gaining a little more so I'm stocking up on things like NEO, Stratis, Ark, OMG, Iota as well as few other great ones that are cheap right now.. (Don't take that as investment advice, these are just coins that I like/hold)