What would be the best way to create a more stable ICO that maintains it's value and attracts buyers?

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Take a page from AAA COIN book (aaacoin.us)
Neo is the platform of choice for creating ICOs. I also recommend the wave platform. Make sure you are helping in solving a real life problem. Backed up by a solid proof of concept, technology and a big community of early adopters and supporters. For more info you are most welcome to join our highly engaged and active Facebook crypto group for more insights, analysis, discussions, ICOs, trading, predictions, bitcoin, altcoin and news: https://www.facebook.com/groups/cryptofans/
I think before jumping into ICO for the sake of it (which is mostly what's happening atm) the team needs to deliver a product that adds value to people's life and have a token/coins system which is part of the overall experience.
ICO should be a byproduct of this not the other way around...this is the most important part I guess
When you do decide to do an ICO, I guess keeping the process transparent in terms of token supply, distribution and usage of funding will attract more investors.