What will happen to Bitcoin price after the next hard fork?

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Hey Jordan, the closer theSegWit2x fork comes, the messier the situation.
From a BTC price perspective, we see a rally like we've seen before with the Bitcoin Gold (BTG) fork. The common narrative back then was that people are buying BTC because they were speculating on free coins. From a technical perspective BTG was never meant to take over BTC or claiming to be the 'real Bitcoin'.
With Segwit2x it is different: Both chains, neither the chain of the actual BTC (let's say BTC1), nor Bitcoin with SegWit2x (BTC2x) will have replay protection. Why should we care? SegWit2x was drafted as a technical update of the BTC1 blockchain to incorporate SegWit (which we have since 01. August) AND enlarging block size from 1 MB to 2 MB. If this would be simply an upgrade of the Bitcoin blockchain, it would be implemented and the future Bitcoin would be BTC2x. Thus, no replay protection as both would be versions of Bitcoin - legacy BTC or BTC1 before block 494784 and BTC2x after block 494784. But as this get's highly political and all parties involved claim to represent the 'real Bitcoin' it get's messy.
At the moment nobody can say what will happen with Bitcoin after the fork and if there will be a BTC1 after the fork. The contenders about the 'real Bitcoin' are BTC1 with SegWit but with 1 MB blocks, BTC2x with SegWit and 2 MB block size, and Bitcoin Cash without SegWit and 8 MB block size. Sadly there's a real chance that this political battle might harm Bitcoin and send its price way down, although holders of BTC1 would get an equal amount of BTC2x for their Bitcoin holdings. If 80-85% of the miners mine BTC2x or switch between BCH and BTC2x it would dramatically increase transaction cost and time of BTC1 and making it practically unusable unless difficulty is adjusted.
BCH could come up as a winner in this game of chicken and claim the throne of being the 'real Bitcoin'. To prepare yourself it might be a good idea to not only hold BTC during the fork, but also BCH as a hedge. To weigh the chances of BTC2x looking at its price and volume on the futures market might give some idea (e.g. Bitfinex with BT1 and BT2). Some people believe that Ethereum (and maybe other alt coins) could be the save haven and winner, in terms of price increase, in this game.
Whatever you decide - be prepared for several possible scenarios and don't put all your eggs in one basket.
if you noticed after each btc hardfork prices rise a bit then go down again for correction. then gradually and slowly start to rise again in a more stable and steady pattern. so i think on the short term we will notice bit of volatility that will pave the way to more upward patterns in the near future shortly after the hardfork. BTC is truly unstoppable... the appreciation of this coin will reach sky high in 2018.... experts and analysts all agree that it will easily cross the usd 10,000 by end of next year... so let us wait and see...
Hi jordan,
I believe that bitcoin is unstoppable. The price with go up again before the fork and most likely go down a bit for a few days to a week after. The thing with bitcoin is that, it's on every exchange and you need it to purchase other altcoins and much more. I speculate that not much will happen after this fork based on the history on the last 2 forks..​We will wait and see. You never know I could be wrong but I doubt it..