What should do before ICO?

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You shall do complete research on the ICO's background. See if it is solving any real world problems and bringing anything innovative. Look at the team behind the ICO and see if they have any previous track record. See who are the advisors on board. See their Roadmap and Read their whitepaper to understand how they plan to achieve things. These are some of the basics.
Before ICO, you should assemble a team or decise where to outsource parts of its puzzle, write a white paper, prepare marketing plan, write articles and press releases in advance, build a website. All of that before launch.
If you want professional help with that, you can put me in a team. Everything costs money though. Marketing expenditure will take the most expense, in my experience.
Greatly appreciated. Yes, absolutely add me to Skype. I'm under ss1980 (Alex Povolotski) there.