What problems can blockchain solve in education? Could blockchain technology work for record keeping system of school and colleges?

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As an example, there are initiatives of registering university degrees and different educational certificates on the top of the blockchain: creating solutions where Blockchain becomes something like a hacking-resistance, certified, public Diploma store.
check MAIDSafe coin project
you can clone one on github that fit most your specifications.
Check Healthychain.io oage on Facebook.
I would say for record keeping and possibly putting grades on the chain to be published and accessible. Therefore you wouldn't need to contact the institution to get an "official" record of your attendance
As a matter of fact you have answered your own question... of course blockchain technology could be used to record files about students and faculty details in an ultra safe and secure database. This could also be updated at wil and it could to further to administer courses and exams right through it. The potential and applications arr truly phenomenal and limitless.