what percentage of your portfolio do you keep on exchanges?

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About 50%. Why? Because I trade such small amounts, that the risk of the exchange being hacked beats having to pay the fees for the transaction to my own wallet, which I only do in Bitcoin, as it just doesn't feel safe to hold it in other cryptos to me.. Not sure why that is though.
My recommendation to you: Don't be like me, go long-term on your portfolio and get your coins off the exchange.
I never leave my coins on an Exchange. Exchanges are not for storing coins, they are for exchanging them. Once you are done buying, selling or trading on an exchange, make sure you transfer your coins to your wallet when you are done.

Unlike storing your money in a bank, the coins you hold on an exchange are not federally insured. If a malicious exchange or a hacker takes your coins and disappears without a trace - they are gone. There is nothing you can do to get them back. So no I would never leave them on an exchange ever..
I would keep only what is needed to perform a trade ... in other words don't keep all ur cryptos in one basket ... exchanges are prone to being hacked and their systems breached and your cloud wallet residing on them could be in danger and subject to theft risks. I strongly advise buying a hardware wallet where you can safely store your crypto on. Then at the time of conducting an exchange simply transfer the balance to your exchange wallet and do the needful. Hope this helps.
My recommendarion is none at if possible. With the amount of phising and security breaches targeting exchanges keeping any amount on a live wallet is dangerous. If day trading, I would recommend you only keep enough for what you will be actively trading on that specific day. Hard wallets or even paper wallets would be the preferred storage for any and all cryptocurrencies IMHO.