What is Bitcoin Gold? I am not able to understand all the technical jargon about it!

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Bitcoin Gold Is About to Trial an ASIC-Resistant Bitcoin Fork. After Bitcoin Cash (Bcash) forked from the Bitcoin blockchain to create a new cryptocurrency ( BCH ), and ahead of the SegWit2X fork that may do the same thing, a third Bitcoin fork is in the making: Bitcoin Gold (Bgold; BTG).
Simply put it's another fork, the second to be precise of the original bitcoin after the bitcoin cash. A fork happens when stakeholders who are developers and miners on the blockchain don't share the same direction on the future of a coin and therefore update their software and create new blocks within a chain to reflect those changes after consensual voting and hence a new forked coin of the original is born.
On 25th October, Bitcoin is going to see another hard fork implemented that will result in a new cryptocurrency named Bitcoin Gold (BTG). As you might have saw with Bitcoin Cash in the summer, existing private keys holding Bitcoin balances will receive the same amount in Bitcoin Gold on 1st November, though as things stand, it may be a number of weeks before Bitcoin Gold will be tradable.
So if you hold 0.5 Bitcoin "BTC" for example after the fork you will receive 0.5 Bitcoin Gold. So basically it is spiting again so BTC holder will receive free Bitcoin Gold for the same about of BTC they hold..
Bitcoin Gold is another fork of the main Bitcoin chain, like Bitcoin Cash was back in August. The difference from what the Bitcoin Gold team is claiming is that they don't want to claim to be Bitcoin. They acknowledge that they will be different than the Bitcoin chain. Their differences are the way that miners will continue the chain, which is that they utilize a different code base that is supposed to be ASIC resistant. (ASICs being specialized mining computers which mine faster than the normal CPU computer or pool) The BTG team wants to go to "true satoshi" vision of 1 computer 1 vote on the consensus protocol. I hope this helps answer your question.