What is an ICO pre-sale?

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A period of tests before the official ico sale. Usually with discounts for first buyers. Those who believe on project even without a product.
Many projects need a lot of money for their release or further development/research on it. To get money for this, they sell Tokens in ICOs. Mostly to encourage the big boys to invest in the project, they give big investors some extra advantage: This is the ICO pre-sale, or often named "Pre-ICO". Pre-ICOs offer more tokens per [Currency_Unit], but often only allow you to enter if you invest a large amount of money, which often amounts to thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.
In short: The ICO pre-sale is the sale before the real ICO, which has a higher minimum investment, but also offers extra advantages, which is mainly used to attract big investors.
Usually a pre-sale of an ICO is for it's earliest investors and constituents. It allows them to purchase the tokens before the general public. Also people who have very Large amounts of money/influence may be eligible pre-sales of a token.
ICO pre-sale is a sale of tokens or coins before the ICO oficially begins.
It is normally done to a limited group of investors, giving them an opportunity to get the tokens before the official launch date, usually at a discount.
Oh, absolutely. A bounty is a reward for those who will promote your project. You will pay them with ICO tokens for that. Bounty is very popular form of competition on Bitcoin talk.
Ico presale is when a crypto startup tried to fund raise their idea or concept and offer their crypto coins for a reduced price for early adopters and supporters
It's way to give early access to investors and create some buzz qround the project
That way when you full fledged ico you can show some credibility in the market
Also good way to get some funding for development of the project so a product is ready for the main ICO