what ia the best cryptocurrency?

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There is no "best" cryptocurrency. The only way to define a "best" is to define a certain feature they excel at. If you're looking for the highest market cap, go for Bitcoin. If you're in need of the most coins you could possibly get, go for StrongHands. If you need the kewlest coin, go for DogeCoin...
As you see, there's no "best" cryptocurrency. There is only a best in every feature. You can't take a best overall cryptocurrency, as that will be almost entirely opinion-based.
Depending for what. For growing quickly in value - BTC, for hiding your ass - Monero. For giving you stable return for just holding coin in your wallet - AAA COIN (aaacoin.us)
In my own opinion I would for for IOTA, NEO, LSK, RPL, LTC and ETH as they have massive potential of growth. Consider reliable and trustworthy promising ICOs too. Do your own research and homework. For more info you are most welcome to join our highly engaged and active Facebook crypto group for more insights, analysis, discussions, ICOs, trading, predictions, bitcoin, altcoin and news: https://www.facebook.com/groups/cryptofans/