What do you think about our ICO? Fidcom. I'm open to any recomendation and criticism. Thanks in advance!

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First thing I noticed when I opened your website is the typos and grammatical errors. This don't give trust and credibility and could consist a big turn off for many potential investors. Please fix this. As for the idea of a decentralized investment and portfolio management organization I of course encourage it and find it very promising but make sure you have a great team onboard and that you will keep your promises outlined in your whitepaper and development road map. Very important to build trust with your investors base
A few questions: 1. where are you getting your numbers for the mining operation? 2. what POW coin will you be mining? 3. How have you calculated the overhead for your mining operation? 4. From what you're proposing for this coin is to be a pseudo-dao with "moderators" for every mechanism in place? 5. how are you going to attract customers to your exchange from the current market dominators? 6. how are you going to insure your investments to the contributors to the ICO? 7. How did you come to value your company at 19.4+ million dollars? 8. how are you going to implement the payment services? which vendors do you currently have attached to the company? which ones are prospective?