What are your favorite Blockchain and Crypto related sites (blogs/channels/podcasts) that you follow regularly? Making a comprehensive list to share with the community.

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Reddit, Coinmarketcap, bitcointalk are the main sources
This includes crypto news sites as well? Please let me know and I shall send you some to add them to your list. Cheers
Here you go with some very useful crypto resources: Indexes: Bletchley Indexes, Smith + Crown,CRIX
Rankings sites: CryptoCompare, CoinGecko
Data: BitInfoCharts, CoinDance,Blockchain.info, Token Data
Tools and dataviz: Sifrdata, Correlations,MapOfCoins, CryptoMaps, Bitcoin Volatility Index
Blogs: Willy Woo, Ari Paul, Matt Levine, Elaine Ou, Chris Burniske, Token Economy, Preston Byrne, Tuur Demeester, BitCrypto’ed
Research: Ark Invest, Grayscale, Coindesk,Smith + Crown, Ledger
Selected papers: Wang and Vergne (2017),Naranayan et al (2017)
Advocacy: Coin Center
Books: Digital Gold; Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond; The Bitcoin Standard: Sound Money in a Digital Age
BitcoinTalk and Twitter is more than enough for me. But I dream about BT redesign :)
bitcointalk.org, reddit subs, coindesk, bitcoin warrior
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