What are the most promising and upcoming ICO right now?

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There are too many. One promising is AAA COIN ICO (www.aaacoin.us). Because it allows for CPU mining, costs just $1 a coin right now, and will generate 100% annual return through proof of stake system (by just holding your coins in your wallet).
Be cautious with all new ICOs though. Try with one coin, see if they deliver. And then grow your portfolio from there.
I would have a close look at presearch.io as it looks like the next big thing as far as search engines go after Google. For more info you are most welcome to join our highly engaged and active Facebook crypto group for more insights, analysis, discussions, ICOs, trading, predictions, bitcoin, altcoin and news: https://www.facebook.com/groups/cryptofans/
Our group has been created to oppose all the noise and scam / spam u see in other typical fb groups. No problem all good
You were giving your feedback about FB groups and I answered you back in regards to this subject that's all
As for the best ico whitepapers ... I read too many to judge which ones are better but a solid source to do your own research about icos that stand out and which ones are doomed to fail you can visit those two sites: icorating.com icotracker.net
Cool let me know what u think! I'm in the process of building my own website for listing ICOs and ranking them after thorough research and review. Would appreciate any input in this regards. Let's stay connected from one crypto enthusiast to another ;)
Yeah its gonna be cool Cuz I'm planning to explain each ico in a small and animated explainer video with a score rating at the end of the video. Also looking at designing Infographics and stuff. Explaining icos in a visual way for people to be able to grasp them without having to go through massive textual data represented in the white papers. ICOs are the future of investment but too many out there and people need to be able to separate the good ones from the bad ones
Thanks dearest you are so sweet and kind. Truly appreciate the motivational and inspirational words. Please if u need any help always know I'm just a message away... don't hesitate to let me know dear friend :)
Will definitely do. Cheers Bertha! :)