What are the more likely outcomes of cryptocurrency? If the US crypto illegal, will it survive? Russia seems to see crypto in a good light, Japan as well. Maybe the price will just drop?

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Hey Chung! Personally I think the prices won't just drop because of the 21 million market cap on bitcoin with 16 million already in circulation. The closer we move towards the 21 mil limit, the price of each coin should rise with the increasing demand. As the demand for bitcoin continues to grow with only a limited supply of coins in the market, a rising price should follow!
It won't be illegal in usa and even in china they banned it temporay to put regulations in place thats all. Crypto is inevitable to witness mainstream adoption. It's a matter of time
Short term lot of volatility, long term a safe asset.
I doubt US will put a blanket ban on cryptos however some level pf regulation will perhaps be a welcome move and even strengthen the cryptocurrencies
sooner or later it will inevitably become mainstream so it's better to come out on the right side when dust settles down