Today ( Oct 10, 2017), Bitcoin went from around 4750 to 4250 for a few minutes and then just came back up. Is there any particular reason for that or it's just normal behaviour?

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Honestly nothing is normal for the time being... volatility is due to many external factors affecting the prices and sudden spikes and drops of bitcoin and altcoin... I beleive we will witness this until end of this year.... beginning of next things should start to stabilize and become steadier... I hope
This is not normal. While possible, in this case it seems the flash crash is more than likely an error. In watching market history on all exchanges, no crash can be seen. The report states that the flash crash was seen on CoinDesk which is not an exchange, rather an index that complies the moving averages from major exchanges. Reviewing their website now, the crash cannot be seen. I would say it is safe to assume an error more than likely occurred on how CoinDesk complies the moving averages. Coinmarketcap, another index never reported any type of flash crash.