Quick Poll: Where do you see the price of ETH(ethereum) by the end of 2017?

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$300 (250-350)
Its most promoted use is ICOs, which pump&dump the Ethereum price the whole time. The most common argument for Ethereum being worth a lot, that I have heard, is the fact that it's used in many ICOs. Sadly, the Ethereum that is used to fund the ICOs, will also be sold to use the money. After a very large ICO, you'll see that the price of ETH has risen a bit and that it will fall after the ICO is completed.
That is why I believe its price won't reach into the thousands anytime soon. It's possible that the price rises higher than $300, or even to $500 or more though, as cryptocurrencies tend to behave.. unpredictable..
Around $700, if you extrapolate todays' trends.
No, thTs very technical analysis. Very basic. Take eth chart for the year Oct 2016 - Oct 2017, draw a line touching peaks at the bottom. Take a point one year into the future in Oct 2018 on that prognosis line. That's your price in one year.
I expect ETH to stay within the USD 300ish until end of this year but I believe it will gradually start to increase in value beginning of next year 2018
somewhere around $400 by end of 2017