Other than banking sector, where else Blockchain can be a real game changer in the long term?

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Anywhere from contract execution to your smart fridge tracking your milk reserves and placing your order for you.
Anywhere where decentralization and transparency is key.
Rely on existing - too costly (to solve all the problems) and inconvenient (adoption of use) to create your own. Use existing well tested solution.
Etherium can be used to decentralize anything. There are platforms out there right now that allow you to issue coins and tokens for whatever you need.
But there are thousands of other coins available too, mostly they're based on existing cryptos. Having said that, there are a few indications like Monero and Black coin that are unique.
It will happen. It's a matter of time. Same with every new tech ology - the emergence of multiple formats marks the beginning and then redundant ones fall off or merge, leaving behind the true survivors.
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