Is there a max cap in a Pre-ICO? If during the pre-ico the specified no. of tokens are not all sold and the pre ico has ended.what will happen to all those coins that were not sold during the pre-ico

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The max cap in an ico is what you choose it to be. It's totally upon your own discretion to choose the cap so make sure to choose wisely as you don't want to inflate the number and make it ridiculously high and you don't want to deflate the number so it doesn't make financial sense to you. I think what remains from the coins you can either use them as a bonus or burn them ... Also this is a call you decide on.
This varies from ICO to ICO, there is no set standard each project needs to follow. With that in mind, ICO's do set a cap (again the amount will vary) for pre-sales (or pre-ICO). Once pre-sale period has ended, the majority will roll unsold tokens into the general crowd sale. However, some could burn the tokens if they decided too. Short answer is, all of this varies based on the project and the teams decisions set prior to moving forward with the ICO. All will announce and communicate how their ICO will be handled, usually found in their white paper, prior to commencing. This includes dates of ICO, bonuses for each phase as well as cost per token.