Is there a list/database of ICO's with its price before hitting exchanges?!

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Yes, there are. ICO tracker is one website that lists upcoming ICOs but no prices. I know of 5 different sites that list ICOs but never pricing. Not all of them hit exchanges. Most never do. Some of them are just print ate icos raising money for this and that. There is one exception. Check This ICO is for a speculative coin. They start at $1 per coin. They give 100% annual return on staked coins for just holding your coin in the wallet through proof of stake system and they are applying to get listed on exchange right now.
Who is going to find this project? It costs money to get people to do the site, integration, etc.
* fund this project?
No, that's all a promise of money in the future. I need money now to pay people and deploy resources for this project.
If you don't have the funds to finance this project, it's not going to happen, not because I don't want it but because it will fail before it starts due to lack of resources.