is there a chance that bitcoin will become a reserve currency like gold?

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That's very much possible! Not only is it much harder for possible thieves to figure out you even got that amount of Bitcoin stored, you also don't have to store the gold somewhere, which takes space and it's very safe too, as long as you don't tell everyone about your paper wallet and put "THIS IS MY BITCOIN PRIVATE KEY: xxx" on your paper. It's easy to get, easy to keep it safe, easy to use it when needed, accepted on a variety of places (most of which online) and doesn't take a lot of space. That's why I believe it makes a perfect reserve currency, even better than gold.
Contrary to what other people answered, you don't really need the low fees and fast transactions other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin offer. Of course they're very useful if you use it often, but there's a reason it's called "reserve currency" and not "most-used in daily life currency".
with its long time to proceed a transaction and high fees, for sure. Litecoin will do the "dirty" job in commerce.
I highly doubt it as this will defeat the very purpose crypto has been created for
There's definitely great potential for Bitcoin to become gold standard for the digital world!
In my view for an asset to become a reserve currency it must have fundamental (utility) value as per the belief held by many of us and for a long time.
On both these parameters Bitcoin is relatively early and it will be interestesting to see how the cryto space pans out