Is it possible to earn crypto through this helptap platform?



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No, I don't think so! It's just a platform to get your curiosity resolved! :)
Yes. As can be read in their thread on Bitcointalk (, their developer/manager (not sure about his precise role) states that it is not yet possible to withdraw coins from HelpTap, so you can't really make money directly yet, but they will soon do a sale of coins (Initial Coin Offering, short: ICO), to make HelpTap coins worth something and then you will be able to make money directly from HelpTap. His precise statement was: "Right now you can't but the idea is that there will be monetary value attached with them once we do a coin offering."
It's possible to make money from HelpTap already though, but not as easily and honorfully. You could refer people to sites with referal links to earn money from them or you could give your adress for them to give you a tip on, which would ofcourse only make you money if people actually sent you a tip.
Hi @fsl, you can earn incentives (HelpTap coin) by referring users to join HelpTap. Click on your profile icon and scroll down for your referral link. Hope that helps!
Don't know yet. I'm new. Answered a few questions and somebody gave me 25 coins. But what those virtual coins are I have no idea and how to withdraw them is a question to be answered too.