I think starta is a scam...how do I spot a scam ICO project?

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Here are few things you can do:
Making sure the team is real, the contact information is real, the white paper is there, which is very important. to connect with one of their team members and discuss the ICO with them. If you're unable to reach anyone, then it's a no no.
Try* to connect
You can't really unless you have factual evidence of such. They all have these days fancy websites, team pictures and white papers - all that can be made-up.
Why do you think they're a fraud?
I guess my friend time will tell which coins are going to make it and which ones are doomed to fail. ICOs raised 2 billion dollars since inception... people believe in them... many are scam and many are not... people need to do their homework, research each and every one of them very carefully... whats the technology in play, who is the team working on it, what problem it's solving, white paper and clear development road map, the size of its community and early adopters and so on and they should know how to differentiate between legitimate ones with potential and ones that have been created for the sole purpose of ripping off investors...
I keep this checklist / criteria:
1/ Working product
2/ Solid user base qith good validation
3/ Balanced and credible team with right tech and non tech skills
4/ prior investors and solid advisors
5/ Mission driven with long term detailed plan
6/ Token dynamics e.g. issuance process, cap, reserved for team, reserved for future etc