I have very little money, how do I start cryptotrading with the little amount??

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Great! If you don't have a lot of money, atleast you won't be tricked into a pump&dumb coin to lose all your money in 1 go. I mean... You won't be making thousands of dollars per day if you have only a little amount, but you can turn that small amount into a large amount in a couple months.
The main thing you have to do is to start researching coins. Besides, do you have a solid cashflow to fund more investments? Otherwise, try noting down your "imaginary investments" on coins, like when to buy and when you're selling. As you have a small amount of money, you wouldn't affect the prices by even a cent on most coins. If you do have a solid cashflow.
Important is to do your research. Even if you aren't investing real money yet, you should do your research too, otherwise it wouldn't make any sense to do the investments with your "imaginary budget", which is mainly meant for training your trading skills without the risk of losing real money. I did this too. I did it for a couple months untill I figured out that I wasn't made for trading.
I wasn't a supertalent on it, but I did have the motivation to keep trying. I also started investing small amounts of bitcoin I obtained through signature campaigns on bitcointalk.org. I slowly started improving on it.
So in short: Do your research. If you have a solid cashflow, start with investing some real money already. If you aren't earning a lot of money, try investing with your "imaginary budget" first.
After a while, start investing larger amounts, once you know how it all works. Very important is to keep doing your research... Although you could just gamble too, as I know someone who turnt $30 into just over $11,000 in a couple months. I know stories of people losing all their money too, so be careful with gambling it on trades.
Don't. Trading is a casino. You lose some, you win some. Go invest in some good ICOs, like here (aaacoin.us) or other ones.
I suggest you pick a good ico since they offer very low entry rates. Choose solid ones backed up by a good team, a good business concept and a large community of supporters. Make sure they have the necessary technology to pull this off. Preico offer icos at extremely low preferential rates for adopters and successful ones can give u at least 10× your investment.