I have a friend the just purchase his first Bitcoin and he doesn't have a Ledger wallet yet. What wallets support Bitcoin gold so he doesn't miss out of the free bitcoin gold?

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Any wallet where you control the private key should allow you to claim Bitcoin Gold (BTG). Additionally some exchanges announced to support BTG. However leaving BTC on an exchange would not be a good choice, particularly if you remember the Bitcoin Cash (BTC) drama with Coinbase.
But there are some caveats:
1. Based on the BTG roadmap published on their Trello board there is still no replay protection: "[WIP] Anti-replay (fork-id like Bcash)". Without replay protection, new transactions will be equally valid on both chains, which could lead to a situation where a transaction of BTG could also affect the same amount in BTC. Thus, the advice of @angiealphabet is highly encouraged.
2. YoBit exchange today announced on its Twitter account that it will hand out BTG already on Monday 23rd of October (sic!), although the BTG blockchain is scheduled to be synched with the BTC blockchain on 25th October at block 491407. This makes it even more important to be concerned about replay protection and not to hand out a private key or perform a BTG transaction on any wallet where you also hold your BTCs.
Freewallet announced that they will be the first to support Bitcoin Gold... https://freewallet.org/support/2017/10/18/freewallet-announces-support-for-bitcoin-gold/
Aside from the Ledger and Trezor wallets, you'll be able to claim BTC Gold from any wallet where you control the private key such as Jaxx, Exodus, Mycelium, Electrum and the Blockchain Wallet (these are all free ones). As there are some question marks in the community surrounding Bitcoin Gold, I'd recommend using a wallet that is not your usual one. For example, I'm storing all my Bitcoin in an Electrum Wallet for the fork but my usual wallet is my Exodous. ;) I personally don't feel comfortable handing over my Bitcoin private key to a new, unproven team so I've set up the Electrum as a 'burner wallet' just for this purpose.. ;)
There are many of them. Any wallet that allows you to access your private keys is OK already. It's also likely that many exchanges will give you the same amount of BTG as the BTC you held there, although I advise against that. The best way to go is probably getting a wallet of which hold the private keys. Not only paper wallets, but also many software wallets like Electrum, Bitcoin Core, Mycelium and other wallets that allow you to access your private keys will get the job done. I'm quite sure complete guides as to how you can claim your Bitcoin Gold will be available after the fork, just like what happened after the Bitcoin Cash fork.
Currently, Guarda is the only wallet listed on BTG's website. However, any secure wallet that provides you with cryptographic keys should be fine. I would have him/her stay close to BTG's website for wallets that our officially endorsed. www.btcgpu.org