How will BTG (Bitcoin Gold) hard fork affect the bitcoin price and what affect it will have on an cyptocurrency investor's portfolio?

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Hi Lakshya, If it is anything like the last Bitcoin Cash fork it will effect your portfolio in a positive way because bitcoin holders ended up with the same amount of Bitcoin cash that they were holding in Bitcoin. Many people were worried that it would hurt the price of bitcoin but it did not then and I really doubt it will after this upcoming Bitcoin Goin Fork. So you will receive free Bitcoin gold you can either sell or add to your portfolio, so if anything it's like free money.. Bitcoin is unstoppable and to many exchanges etc depend on it a a form of payment.. I speculate that Bitcoin gold will be like another alt coin like bitcoin cash is now.. I hope this helps :)
There will be two forks in the next weeks, with BTG (Bitcoin Gold) being the first one on 25th of October. BTG is more a clone of the current Bitcoin blockchain with the major difference that it allows mining with GPUs instead of specialized Asics miners. Thus, BTG can be seen as an airdrop, where holders of BTC get the same number they are holding in BTC on 25th of October also in BTG, meaning 0.5 BTC = 0.5 BTG. As it is still unclear which exchanges will support this fork/ airdrop your safest bet is to have your BTC in a wallet where you have control over the private keys.
From an investment and price perspective: The price of BTG will be determined by the exchanges it will be traded on, but rumors are between $30 and $300. As most investors will not take the risk buying at new BTC highs just for a gain of $30 to $300, the recent run-up of BTC is rather fueled by new BTC adoption and institutional investors, than by the free BTG. Thus, BTC might have a small correction, but will most likely not drop because of BTG.
The 2x hard fork in November will have a larger effect on future trust in BTC and BTC price.
I see this question in parts. The first being the impact to BTC price. From a short term perspective, one can see the strong rise over the last few days. BTC is now at $5700, due in large part from investors buying BTC to get the 1:1 BTG upon the fork. Long term for BTC, that is difficult to say. Following the trend from the Bitcoin Cash fork in August, one can assume that some sort of sell off will occur post fork - to what level is hard to guess.
The second part is what affect to the investors wallet. BTC holders that have their coins stored in a wallet that supports BTG will receive the same amount of coins in a 1:1 ratio. The price of BTG and long term possibilities of BTG is even more difficult to see than the Bitcoin Cash. To date, no major exchanges (that I could find) have verified have announced support for Bitcoin Gold trading - there are plenty of rumors/assumptions but no official announcements that I can locate. With Bitcoin Gold without a working website, that adds to my confusion/concern as well. Bitcoin Cash, as much as we can say what we like, was a bit more transparent than Bitcoin Gold at this point.