How to publicize my coming blockchain project quickly and effectively?

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Would love to talk, we are working with some ICOs on interactive whitepapers like and are also building out additional resources for ICOs and investors like these
Post an announcement on Bitcoin talk and Reddit. Then join as many relevant groups as you can on Facebook and post announcements there. Twitter too. Have the source code on GitHub and reference to it. Do a press release. Establish bounty for those who will promote your project.
Before ICO, you should assemble a team or decise where to outsource parts of its puzzle, write a white paper, prepare marketing plan, write articles and press releases in advance, build a website. All of that before launch.
If you want professional help with that, you can put me in a team. Everything costs money though. Marketing expenditure will take the most expense, in my experience.
Greatly appreciated. Yes, absolutely add me to Skype. I'm under ss1980 (Alex Povolotski) there.
Digital marketing.... social media... PR and a very well done website with a clear white paper and development road map. I can help u with this if you want to
Hey Anna not sure I got your question? Could you please clarify?