How many tokens should issue as part of my platform? Any good methods that i can use to calculate the supply?

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This really depends on whats the business idea / concept behind ur tokens. How are you planning to offer value proposition to convince potential investors to buy them. What problem are you trying to solve? And how blockchain technology will help u in solving that problem? What's the amount of money are you planning to raise Through your ico? You do need to imply scarcity to incite your community to perceive your tokens as rare gems but not too scarce as to limit volume of transactions when you built your startup and put those coins to good use. Especially if they hit exchange this might limit the volume of trading therefore devalue your coin. Lots of things to think about and consider. I'm here to help anyway I can. What are you trying to achieve through your ico?
No sure way to calculate the supply. In general terms, if you want to promote scarcity and drive the price up, then issue as few tokens as possible.
Being honest, it sounds like you have a ton of research to perform prior to even thinking of moving to ICO. To help you, I would say that you first need to determine the use of your token. Next would be the type of token, typically token types can be categorized at Debt, Equity or User tokens. From there, decisions should be a bit easier for you. There is no real 'rule' however if the token is one that is to be used often and by many, token liquidity will be paramount. One would not want token holders to limit your platforms ability to function. A great example of a platform with a large amount of tokens (but for good reason) is Ripple. While yes, that many tokens may be excessive, if Ripple is successful in accomplishing their business plan - those token amounts are critical for longevity of their platform. Especially considering that each transaction performed actually destroys a small amount of tokens.