How do I set up a crypto wallet?

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Depends on which crypto you're interested in
Hi Austin- I would highly recommend looking into a hardware wallet like Trezor or Ledger. You can read more about them in the review posted here
Hello Austin,
First you need to do is find a wallet that supports the coins that you are holding.

Setting up a wallet all depends on what type of wallet you are using. I highly recommend a hardware wallet like the Ledger nano-s or Tezor but if you are unable to get one of those right now, the exodus is descent and supports quite a different few coins.

Please remember when setting up any wallet you will need to store your private keys in a safe place and make sure you do not lose or share them.

Can you tell me which wallet you are trying to set up so I can try to help you?
Simply go to ... create a wallet account... sign up ... Verify email... link mobile number... enable 2fa security authorization and voila u r good to go! :)
It's very easy to do. Go to the cryptocurrency of your choice website and they list the wallets they suggest. You have two choices - hard wallet that runs on your computer and soft wallet that runs on their servers. For example, you go to Bitcoin website and they recommend a few wallets there. An alternative is to go to a crypto-exchange (i.e. Coinbase) and you can get a wallet for the currencies they trade also.