How do I find genuine investment platforms on Bitcoins that has good returns

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A few months back I was looking for the same type of thing and a friend of mine told me about Bitconnect lending platform.

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I started with a small $200 investment July 13, 2017 and today 10/20/20 I am up to $530 I wanted to test the waters with this at first because as first is seemed like a pyramid scheme but now I am a 100% believer in this program. Unlike other lending platforms that have come and gone Bitconnect I believe is here to stay.. Of course when investing in anything never invest what you can not afford to lose..
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The lowest amount to start with is $100 worth of Bitcoin
By doing lots of research. Google the best ico review and rating platforms out there... once you find the top ones log on to their sites and read their whitepaperwhitepapers, the team behind them, their development road map and the community that is backing them up... those kind of factors among several others should give you good insight on what to expect as roi in return of your hard earned monies.
I have reviewed a few organizations on where others give feedback. I’ve personally made profit from Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin lending at and


This is a rather complex and great question. Investment platforms in the crypto space are still very immature. At this point, I have personally avoided these as regulations are still not defined. As an example of this in the US, the SEC denied the Winklevoss' ETF. The Winklevoss' have since appealed this decision, however to date, a final decision has not been made. My main point being, while there may be viable investment platforms in the crypto space, very few (if any) have the same approvals of investment platforms for stocks/bonds etc. I would highly recommend you perform deep research on any firm offering these services and look for their performance on investments in other markets. Anyone sharing a recommendation on these today, I would be even more cautious in trusting.
You need to do alot of research on the them especially when they are about to launch their ICO