How can I learn about bitcoin trading and how to do analysis from graphs?

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Simple... the Internet. Google it and you'll find huge amount of information about everything crypto. I suggest also going through some very famous YouTube tutorial videos
Bitcoin is known to have the slowest transaction time averaging around 10 minutes. With less nodes it can get pretty slower but I heard they are working on an update to expedite their transactions time
Mining altcoins and ICOs I suppose
I suggest Iota... LTC... neo ... Ripple... eth
Dentacoin already is listed on 4 exchanges and are working on being listed on even more. There are 2 clinics in Europe that are already using Dentacoins where people can pay with their Dentacoins to dental treatments. The Founder's coins are also locked.

They already have more than 1800 people on their first tool - the review platform and they will release even more tools the following years that would aid patients and dentists.
So if I were you yes I take part of it
Trading generally is broken down into two buckets - 1/ fundamental 2/ technical (graphs)
Fundamental analysis relies on core value proposition of the asset/company under consideration e.g. the market dynamics, product, growth etc.
Whereas technical analysis is based more on historical data/stats to identify patterns
Bitcoin is just an asset. First you need to grasp these concepts than apply the knowledge to trade in any currency or company shares
There's a very nice book to learn technical analysis (I don't remember the name). Fundamental analysis comes with lot of experience and industry knowledge.
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