How blockchain technology could revolutionize healthcare applications?

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That's a great question. Imagine you are overseas and have a medical emergency, how quickly can doctors attending your care find out all your medical history and allergies if you are unable to speak? It's not easy. Even locally for me in the US, getting my medical records transferred to my new doctors is difficult and takes a ton of time and countless approvals. Now, with blockchain in theory doctors could access your medical records in seconds, approvals could be performed instantly with you in some fashion - say finger print or other biometric approval and boom, done. There are many other example, however this is the most powerful example IMHO. And because blockchain is tracked by a series of numbers, the data is essentially useless to anyone attempting to hack or steal the data. All in theory of course.
At the top of my head, it's definitely going to help data security and provide absolute confidentiality to patients. The blockchain could definitely store financial + patient information securely!
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The essence of it being a distributed ledger is the most important aspect which can be used in sharing the data for various patients across various health problems and then come up with a predictive healthcare solution.
Clinical Health Data Exchange and Interoperability: 

Claims Adjudication and Billing Management
Drug Supply Chain Integrity and Provenance

Pharma Clinical Trials and Population Health Research

Cyber Security and Healthcare IoT
1. Clinical Health Data Exchange and Interoperability. 2. Claims Adjudication and Billing Management. 3. Drug Supply Chain Integrity and Provenance. 4. Pharma Clinical Trials and Population Health Research. 5. Cyber Security and Healthcare IoT
I would say first one: clinical Health data exchange and Interoperability