Hello, i'm trying to understand about bitcoin, and now, i meet 'blockchain'. Is there any relation between this two?

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There are several sites out there that could help you with understanding. Though I would say try www.cryptofunds.online to see if that site could help you out any.
Of course blockchain is the platform that lists all transactions of bitcoins and altcoins. Look at it as a ledger that records all transactions happening in the crypto sphere. It is decentralized and no one party can manipulate it which makes it so secure and safe. Blockchain is the best thing invented since the internet. Any further questions don't hesitate to let me know. Cheers
Sure they do!
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and blockchian is the underlying technology of the bitocin!
The main thing is "proof of work" which is the basics of Bitcoin. The Bitcoin is made out of thin air but the whole back process is very complicated!
Blockchain is a general infrastructure layer while Bitcoin is an application built on top of it. Think of it like Blockchain is the internet technology (the infrastructure layer) and Bitcoin is Facebook (the application layer)
e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves etc. use Blockchain as the underlying technology and concept but have different use cases