Heard that blockchain has huge potential. What else can we use it for other than cryptocurrencies?

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Hi Aswin. Blockchain can solve for a great number of real world problems. I will point directly to the recent hacks in the U.S. Most recently, a major credit reporting agency Equifax was hacked leaving me and millions of others personal information for sale on the blackmarket. Now, if our world was running on blockchain, this information would be worthless - it would be the equivalent of your public address for your coins. More so, once a transactions or recorded in completed on the blockchain, in theory it is 'unhackable' - why? Because blockchain runs off of separate nodes world wide, a hacker would need to learn the precise location of all nodes and hack each node at the same exact time in order to change a previously completed record.
Why is this so important? Many reasons, however I will point to one that the world will be running very soon. Connected cities using IoT devices run off of cellular networks. If we run this technology off of our standard internet, a hacker 'could' potentially gain access to an entire city or worse. Many see this same vision. Researching Masa Son from SoftBank in Japan, he has made efforts to move SoftBank into a major player in the chipset industry citing IoT devices as the wave for the future - made big moves to obtain as much 5G spectrum as he could and is now working on building a consortium of wireless carriers focused on blockchain technology. Possibilities are huge for blockchain. The real question is which blockchain will win the lion share of this - all current projects (ETH, NEO, IOTA etc) are far to immature to carry the amount of traffic required for these solutions.
People are already doing a lot in it. See steemit.com and indorse.io, the social networks created on blockchain!
I personally made a project (just an idea) on energy saving using blockchain and IoT. Many things can be done because we have to utilize the main essence of blockchain which is trust building with distributed ledger!
Ethereum has huge potential because it can be developed into more than just currency. It is Turing complete meaning it can run arbitrary programs on top of its code. Giving rise to Decentralized applications that can change the way certain aspects of the world work. Smart contracts and governance for instance can be updated and changed to save time and money. It has its very own scripting language called solidity. Programmers are working on solving problems with the ETH blockchain that others cant.

Example of one of these projects is Civic. An identity verification platform which could be used in the future to secure online IDs for purchases or votes.
Blockchain can be applied to everything you want to decentralize and make transparent - from contract execution and confirmation to your fridge ordering missing supply of milk for you.
Smart contracts. Contracts conducted on the blockchain fully automated and electronically verified by algorithms without intervention or involvement of any third party