Have you found asking questions on here to be better or more efficient than doing a google search?

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I personally have found it better because I get answers directly in my chat! Moreover I get perspectives from a lot of people in short answers rather than going and reading around all the articles.
It's very different. Google Search can help a lot in most cases. Many questions that are asked here could be easily found on Google, but some questions can't. Google can't give its opinion. Google can provide opinions from websites, but it can't have a deep conversation...
A good comparison is seeing Google as someone you're interviewing. You can type something in the searchbar and it will respond, but it won't ask you anything for their own interest.
HelpTap rather provides a real conversation, as you chat with the one who's answering you.
Yes, because busy people don't create websites and unload their knowledge for Google to list. This is different. You answer a specific question of a user. You'll get more up to date and detailed info here than on Google.
What career would you like to have? What are your qualifications? What can you do? What you're a pro at?
Maybe I'll hire you or recommend someone.
OK. Here's a deal.
You stay put, no need to move anywhere from New York.
I'm running an ICO called AAA COIN (http://aaacoin.us).
Help me popularize it.
I have no budget though, no BTC or fiat budget. None.
BUT... I have pre-mined some AAA COIN that I will gladly send your way.
For your posts and advertising and PR services.
Here's my email apovolotski@gmail.com
Check the website, think what you can do. Download wallet, send me your AAA COIN wallet address, I'll send you some coin.
We're in the process of listing coin on one of the exchanges, so in the foreseeable future, you'll be able to exchange your AAA COINs to BTC, ETH, LTC, and fiat currencies.
I'm glad you liked it :-) Some people don't like the music, so if it becomes annoying, you can click the PAUSE button in the top right corner :-) I'm a Mario fan, so here you go. Nostalgia :-)
Thank you for telling me about the link, I'll fix it now.
It has been fixed.
Try the wallet again please.
Yes, the antivitus always reacts on mining / hardware wallet soft because of milicious software being used as miners a lot of times.
But this one is legit.
Antivirus always reacts like that on mining soft, so don't be surprized.
OK. Some good advice. I can use my face and name for this project. Don't have any other team members to put on.,
As to the agency the money will be donated to, I can use Prostate Cancer Research. Can provide detailed information.
Write me your suggestions and your AAA COIN wallet address on my email apovolotski@gmail.com as I'm not always on HelpTap :-)
Plus it's easier to trace back via email.