Has the ICO shitstorm subsided yet? or at least been mitigated? Or are we still in the thick of it?

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Well you will still see some ups and downs till end of this year before things stabilize beginning of next one. Now governments and regulatory bodies are working day and night to put regulations in place to manage ICOs and give them a legal form by setting rules, policies and conditions that both companies looking to fundraise their projects through ICO and investors / funders should strictly adhere to. Once all that is set you will see much less scam ICOs and many more legitimate ones. So expect good things to come and while at it Thomas, enjoy the ride! ;)
No, we haven't seen the eye of the storm yet. Different countries tries around the world are figuring out how to treat toke a - as a currency or as an equity. The goal of this game is to control the issuance and the use of any decentralized tokens through legislation, litigation, prohibition, and taxation. When something gets too big, government agents appear on the scene. It's a given. Look at Microsoft, Google, and now cryptocurrencies.
Not by any means, Thomas! The way I see it we're still in the middle of the ICO shitstorm as you describe it. I think it will take at least 6 months before the dust settles down and everyone can evaluate whether an ICO is profitable in the long run or just another scam. Hopefully, there will also be more mature criteria to evaluate ICOs.