do you think the signature campaign in the bitcointalk forum is a blessing or a waste?

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There are two sides to it, which I will explain below:
1. It's a blessing. For new/existing projects, it's a great way to advertise themselves. For Bitcointalk users, it's a great way to earn some extra money, just for being active on a forum they like. Therefore, it's good for both the advertiser and the Signature Campaign Participant.
2. It's a radioactive substance that's poisoning the whole forum. Because signature campaigns pay for very little effort, it's an easy way to make money. Recently, more and more people have started to use Signature Campaigns as easy money sources... They just post "I like this post." and "I disagree with this post", all in bad English, only to make money. Many campaigns only count posts that have a certain amount of characters in them, but then the Signature Campaign abusers just put more garbage in their posts to make them longer than that amount of characters. Then there are some campaigns that only allow Constructive Posts, but those are rarely managed well. The line between posts that are actually constructive and posts of someone who's just not very smart/good at English, is VERY thin. Many campaign managers also have emotions and don't always want to disqualify the light spammers.
As a Signature Campaign Participant myself, I feel like Signature Campaigns are a blessing, but the way most of them are managed is a waste.
Since there is only text on Bitcoin talk, the only graphics I see are in the signature panel. But me personally, I have a glimpse at it and move on, never clicking on it. So do the waste any money creating it. Better invest in PR, Facebook advertising and other more meaningful and measurable results.
It does spread the word pretty quickly and increase visibility and exposure to your project so I don't think it's a waste at all. Bitcointalk has a massive crypto community who are always on the lookout for amazing opportunities to invest in
If you mean blessing from the perspective of a company sponsoring it than I'm not sure it is the case...
Mostly as a user on a thread I simply ignore those annoying signature ads
Banner blindness is a major problem right now and signature campaigns on forums look like an uglier version of the normal ads on websites
So in short in terms of ROI I don't think it's very meaningful