Do companies, ICO on ERC20 and later when they have their own blockchain developed transfer the issued token to new blockchain?

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One example for what you're asking is the ICO of Agrello. They did their ICO with ERC20 tokens on the native Ethereum blockchain but want to integrate other blockchains like Metaverse, Lisk, NEO. For their token to work they on other blockchains they need to integrate a swap feature. It's basically what Ethereum integrated with the Raiden network that allows interchangeability of ERC20 tokens. Or the Atomic Swap feature that will be integrated with the Lightning network in Bitcoin-derived blockchains, where Litecoin was swapped for Vertcoin. You also may want to read the whitepaper of the TenX Comit network.
You can't transfer things from one blockchain to another unless the coin is freely exchangeable. For that you need it listed on exchange, which is an animal in its own. So, either issue coin on your own blockchain to begin with or using existing blockchain. What's the point in exchanging? It complicates things enormously.