Bitcoin's price is very high right now compared to other cryptocurrencies. What are some promising low priced cryptocurrencies in which one can invest?

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You can buy a fraction of any coin out there. For example my portfolio has 0.03 BTC, 0.25 ETH, 1LTC and some other blockchain tokens like SAN. I ignore the coin price itself and focus on what I think will go up in value over the near future. Here is a list of upcoming ICO tokens as well:
BTC is not high, it was designed to cost like that. It currently costs over 1000 in hardware and electricity costs to mine 1 coin. It is expected to continue its growth.
Cheaper coins are Ethereum, Litecoin, and newer coins like AAA COIN ( that is currently selling for just 1 USD per coin.
The incentive is less and less because the difficulty for mining BTC increases with each additional coin mined. There are easier coins to mine that do not require GPU but can be mined with simple CPUs.
It won't happen because each BTC miner is effectively a node.
Graphs and charts are same as on Forex. You can Youtube forex trading training and learn from there. Coindesk is a good place to start with your bitcoin.
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You make sure the team is real, the contact information is real, the white paper is there. Try to connect with one of their team members and discuss the ICO with them. If you're unable to reach anyone, then it's a red flag.