Are you trading your alt coins for bitcoin to capitalize on the 2 upcoming hard forks?

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High Blake, that is a great question. In my opinion it is good to diversify your portfolio. Putting all your eggs in one basket might not be a good idea. Plus a lot of coins are down right now and do not want to sell at a loss. Of course this is up to you but maybe investing in a little bit more bitcoin before the fork is not a bad idea since you will get the same amount of Bitcoin Gold that you have in Bitcoin before the fork. So if you have 1 bitcoin your will receive 1 Bitcoin gold after the fork. I hope this helps..
No I wouldn't do so if I were you. You can capitalize on the 2 upcoming btc hard forks by simply increasing your stake in bitcoins. No need to trade your altcoins for that because altcoins have their own massive potential to grow depending on which ones u r currently holding. Just my 2 cents