Are there blockchains to store distributed data like files and videos?

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Not sure if it currently exists but if it doesn't it just a matter of time before someone applies file storage to blockchain technology.... Research ICOs that might be already getting into such a space ... sounds like a very promising one to get in indeed... Hope this helps
look into as well
Blockchain is simply a distributed decentralized ledger where each block represents one transaction - debit or credit. A block stores only text data about the transaction and some crypto elements.
are you looking, BitTorrent kind of P2P network
The IPFS is designed to provide a decentralized alternative to the current http protocol
and there is filecoin blockchain as well, just to store your files and video in distributed network,
you can read here, vision of filecoin
There are some projects ongoing.
The most relevant to this date is Storj
There's also Sia, I am told.
You can check some comparison here: