A friend recommended ICOT token to me (icotokenfund.com) to me but I can't find anything about it other than on the website. Usually there's something on Reddit about most ICOs. Is it a scam?

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Hi Paul, I checked 2 ICO directories and ICOT was not listed. It was listed here: https://www.coinschedule.com/icos/e944/initial-coin-offering-token-ico.html however, their website looks suspicious and their website doesn't use the https protocol. Be cautious.
Check out https://icodrops.com/ and https://coinclarity.com/ico/ as well. All the best!
Not necessarily. Look for white paper, news or articles about this time. But most importantly try to get in touch with the developer or owner. If they don't respond or answer to your questions, them drop them like a rock.
There are thousands of ICOs going on, not all are popular. Apparently the developer is active on FB and is trying to popularize it in its own way. To make ICO visible takes a marketing team and tens of thousands of dollars of marketing budget. It's not easy. I've been through it myself.
So are you saying if you're buying a pencil, if it's not backed by a renowned writer you won't buy it? Yes, I know it is customary for those ICOs to be backed by somebody but look at recent Paris Hilton denouncing the ICO backed by her. The point is that even if it's backed by somebody it means nothing.
If no information is exchanged on the website, there is no need to use HTTPS , in my humble opinion.
Ultimately the decision is yours. But I see you are very attached to those tokens for some reason. What attracts you in their ICO?
I don't advise you to look further for ICOT as it's a very shadowy ICO and very obscure. I would stay away from it. Theres a massive list of ICOs with amazing concepts and technologies behind them and a superb team and community. Do your research and u will find plenty of very promising icos with huge potentials
Hi Paul, my honest view would be to stay away from it. I just checked out some details on their site and quite frankly the whole deal feels quite sketchy to me.
It doesn't fare too well on the criteria that i usually use: working product, clear value proposition, validatied user base, all star team/ advisors and clear token dynamics
It fails miserably on at least 3 out of 5 measures
so in my view this feels like one of those "get rich quick" projects for the developers.
Just my 2 cents😊
Glad to help Paul!
There's so much noise out there that it's really to get dragged into something just coz of FOMO
I come from traditional VC investor background where we used these criteria to evaluate startups
and it works nicely for ICOs as well😊
Haha...true. Unless you can see the product yourself and check how people are using it. Generally stay away from those projects.
No worries, anytime😊