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where can i find the Ethereum design architecture?
how to get bitcoin
What is an ICO pre-sale?
A period of tests before the official ico sale. Usually with discounts for first buyers. Those who believe on project even without a product.
There's a new ICO coming in 11 days from now for a company named "Dentacoin". I found the idea interesting but how to make sure that this would be a great ICO? Should I take part?
Much more hype than product. Good for trade after launch, but i think it is more marketing than real need.
How blockchain technology could revolutionize healthcare applications?
Check oage on Facebook.
In browser mining, good or bad? Why?
Depends on how you deal it with your web visitors. They know ? They do not know ? Is it on terms of use ? is it clear about how % of cpu it will consume ? That will make difference.
I want to create application on blockchain platform? What would you suggest for beginners? From where I should begin?
Learn how to program on solidity
is there a chance that bitcoin will become a reserve currency like gold?
with its long time to proceed a transaction and high fees, for sure. Litecoin will do the "dirty" job in commerce.
Are blockchain open source projects 100% trustable?
If the code is well written , the devs really exists and live for that, there is a roadmap and whitepapers with real timelines, and works well without bugs and securitty issues, it is ok.
What are your favorite Blockchain and Crypto related sites (blogs/channels/podcasts) that you follow regularly? Making a comprehensive list to share with the community.
What problems can blockchain solve in education? Could blockchain technology work for record keeping system of school and colleges?
check MAIDSafe coin project
you can clone one on github that fit most your specifications.
Check oage on Facebook.
What legal documents are required for a ICO besides Privacy policy, Terms & Conditions and User Agreement. Do you have samples?
It depends on each country standards. But international patterns can be found on the main ICOS projects. Check on that fits most with your needs and country laws.
What websites can you advise that will help my research in up-coming ICOs?
What kind of problems can blockchain solve in education area?
1) Avoid fraud on test results.
2) Avoid data change in kids reports
3) Security of health data
4) Decentralized AI
5) Election systems for inside tasks
how to create a blockchain network ?having two or four nodes
you can clone one on github that fit most your specifications.
Check oage on Facebook.
What do I need to get started with investing in crypto? Any help is much appreciated!
Hi Mary, first of all is understand what blockhain means. After that the wallet (send and receive), than the exchanges and trading.
After this first steps you will be able to understand more about each coin technology and purposes. Study trade analysis is also required.
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