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Helping each other

Freedom is a myth.

Our lives suck and we know it. In a world full of noise and chaos, we’re constantly running around stressed to get things done. From placing food order for dinner to finding a designer who can help with brand’s logo to consulting a maths teacher who can assist with an assignment.

One look through all the noisy interfaces we’re used to for our day to day tasks and activities and it becomes clearly evident that we simply seek right human connection to get answers, recommendations, opinions, advice or services — we read blogs written by people, access services provided by people, buy products based on reviews by people.

This has been societal nature since the dawn of humanity and remains very true till date.

Why juggle with multiple apps, waste time sifting through loads of information, ask around to find right professionals and do the same thing everyday? Traditional way of doing things or getting things done is outdated.

How about a world in which anything is accessible with just a tap?

We believe people need a better (read simpler) solution. Imagine a seamless world in which anyone who is looking to get anything done is able to connect within seconds to someone who can help with the task or problem in hand!

HelpTap is a next generation social economy powered by smart messaging that makes life simple and rewards you for doing what you love.

HelpTap aims to radically transform the way we live and work today. 

What the world needs now is “social capitalism” where everyone has an opportunity to be a solopreneur on top of a unified social platform and framework that they help build and grow.

A flat social economy where connections, knowledge and services are easily accessible and everyone gets incentivized according to their contributions and value addition to the whole ecosystem while maintaining self-governance. 

What is HelpTap?

HelpTap is world’s most seamless, reliable and transparent on demand skills, knowledge and services platform that allows anyone to give or get instant help with anything in real time.

In the world of HelpTap anyone with a task can connect with a right person who has the know how or skills to complete the task in just a few seconds and get the task done instantly.

How HelpTap works?

Welcome to the future — experience it now at HelpTap!


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