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Are you trading your alt coins for bitcoin to capitalize on the 2 upcoming hard forks?
High Blake, that is a great question. In my opinion it is good to diversify your portfolio. Putting all your eggs in one basket might not be a good idea. Plus a lot of coins are down right now and do not want to sell at a loss. Of course this is up to you but maybe investing in a little bit more bitcoin before the fork is not a bad idea since you will get the same amount of Bitcoin Gold that you have in Bitcoin before the fork. So if you have 1 bitcoin your will receive 1 Bitcoin gold after the fork. I hope this helps..
What is the difference between minting and mining in the context of crypto currency?
Hello Mayank, Ok there is a big difference between minting and mining Crypto currency.
Minting is basically when you create your own crypto currency coin, although both terms could be used interchangeable but minting is not really a crypto term I have come across.

Mining is the way a lot of Crypto-currency like BTC, ETH, LTC and DASH, works, Lets use Lite coin for example, Instead of having one central authority who secures and controls the money supply (like most governments do for their national currencies), this work is spread out all across the network.

Miners collect the transactions​ using specific type of software on the network into large bundles called blocks. These blocks are strung together into one continuous, authoritative record called the block chain, which doesn't permit any conflicting transactions.

Miners get awarded if that block/transaction is solved. So when you send Lite Coin to someone for example. It collects that transaction for the network and then validated it so there is no conflicts with you transaction. It will then be put it into a large bundle with other transactions (called a Block). Then will computes cryptographic hashes over and over until if finds one good enough to solve the mathematical equation.

Then the block is submitted to the network, added to the block chain and the miner is rewarded a small % of Lite coin in return.

​I hope this helps. Let me know if you have anymore questions!​
bitcoin unspent output: I have 54 btc available in my wallet but when i am trying to send it is showing 37
Did you just transfer the missing BTC to your wallet? If so try logging out and give it 30 seconds and log back in.
How do I find genuine investment platforms on Bitcoins that has good returns
A few months back I was looking for the same type of thing and a friend of mine told me about Bitconnect lending platform.

Inline image 2

I started with a small $200 investment July 13, 2017 and today 10/20/20 I am up to $530 I wanted to test the waters with this at first because as first is seemed like a pyramid scheme but now I am a 100% believer in this program. Unlike other lending platforms that have come and gone Bitconnect I believe is here to stay.. Of course when investing in anything never invest what you can not afford to lose..
This is my affiliate link so you can join my team
I will help you with anything you need to get started.
The lowest amount to start with is $100 worth of Bitcoin
What is Bitcoin Gold? I am not able to understand all the technical jargon about it!
On 25th October, Bitcoin is going to see another hard fork implemented that will result in a new cryptocurrency named Bitcoin Gold (BTG). As you might have saw with Bitcoin Cash in the summer, existing private keys holding Bitcoin balances will receive the same amount in Bitcoin Gold on 1st November, though as things stand, it may be a number of weeks before Bitcoin Gold will be tradable.
So if you hold 0.5 Bitcoin "BTC" for example after the fork you will receive 0.5 Bitcoin Gold. So basically it is spiting again so BTC holder will receive free Bitcoin Gold for the same about of BTC they hold..
What differentiates a blockchain from a normal database? What is the "oh wow" incentive to use decentralized DLT instead of just a normal database, e.g. SQL database? Is private DLT = normal database?
Here is a great article I found on coinbase. That should answer you question.A database running on the World Wide Web is most often using a client-server network architecture.

A user (client) with permissions associated with their account can change entries that are stored on a centralized server. By changing the 'master copy', whenever a user accesses a database using their computer, they will get the updated version of the database entry. Control of the database remains with administrators, allowing for access and permissions to be maintained be a central authority.

This is not at all the same as with a blockchain.

For a blockchain database, each participant maintains, calculates and updates new entries into the database. All nodes work together to ensure they are all coming to the same conclusions, providing in-built security for the network.

The consequences of this difference is that blockchains are well-suited as a system of record for certain functions, while a centralized database is entirely appropriate for other functions.

Decentralized control

Blockchains allow different parties that do not trust each other to share information without requiring a central administrator. Transactions are processed by a network of users acting as a consensus mechanism so that everyone is creating the same shared system of record simultaneously.

The value of decentralized control is that it eliminates the risks of centralized control. With a centralized database, anybody with sufficient access to that system can destroy or corrupt the data within. This makes users dependent on the administrators.

Some administrators have earned the trust put in them, for the most part. People’s money is not stolen by banks that record the money they hold in private databases, for example. And, there is a logical reason why you would want centralized control. Centralized control can be a speciality, a reason for being.

But, that also means those with control, such as a bank, need to spend billions of dollars keeping these centrally held databases from being altered by hackers or anyone else who might wish to profit from another’s loss. If the central administrators we’re trusting to keep our information secret fail in this regard, then we lose.

History of itself

Most centralized databases keep information that is up-to-date at a particular moment. They more or less are a snapshot of a moment in time.

Blockchain databases are able to keep information that is relevant now, but also all the information that has come before. Blockchain technology can create databases that have histories of themselves. They grow like ever-expanding archives of their own history while also providing a real-time portrait.

It is the expense required to compromise or change these databases that has led people to call a blockchain database immutable. It is also where we can start to see of the evolution of the database into a system of record.


While blockchains can be used systems of record and are ideal as transaction platforms, they are considered slow as databases when compared to what is possible for digital transaction technology that we see today with Visa and PayPal.

While there will certainly be improvements to this performance, the nature of blockchain technology requires that some speed be sacrificed. The way distributed networks are employed in blockchain technology means they do not share and compound processing power, they each independently service the network, then compare the results of their work with the rest of the network until there is a consensus that something happened.

Centralized databases, on the other hand, have been around for decades, and have seen their performance increase in lock-step with a formula that has come to define innovation in the digital era: Moore’s Law.


Bitcoin is a write-uncontrolled, read-uncontrolled database. That means anyone can write a new block into the chain, and anyone can read a block in the chain.

A permissioned blockchain, like a centralized database, can be write-controlled and read-controlled. That means the network or the protocol can be set up so only permissioned participants can write into the database or read the database.

But, if confidentiality is the only goal, and trust is not an issue, blockchain databases pose no advantage over a centralized database.

Hiding information on a blockchain requires lots of cryptography and a related computational burden for the nodes in the network. There is no way to do this that is more effective than simply hiding the data completely in a private database that does not even require network connectivity.

Think of all the databases Ethan Hunt has broken into in the "Mission: Impossible" series and you can get a sense of the type of confidentiality possible in the private databases.

Authored by Nolan Bauerle
What criteria do you use to evaluate an ICO investment?
My ICO Due Diligence Checklist!

When I am looking into a new ICO to invest in I do what I call my Due Diligence Checklist, as not all ICOs are created equal and you have to take the good with the bad if you’re going to invest in this space.
Who are they and what is the purpose?

Visit the ICO listing page, and dive into the details of the website, white paper, terms and conditions. It should be more than just a flashy website and white paper.

What problem this ICO is trying to solve?

Do they provide a viable solution? Or is this a “solution” looking for a problem?

Research the target market. Like evaluating any startup company, ask who the target customer is, the size of the market, and whether it is likely to grow.
Who is this ICO's competition?

Research the competition. What other companies are providing a similar solution? How is the target market solving this problem today? How is this new ICO going to compete with the established players all ready in the game and what setts them aside?
Evaluate the ICO Team

Like analyzing entrepreneurs, what is the team’s background and track record? Are they open and accessible? It should be easy to find the team on LinkedIn and GitHub if the team looks shifty, run away and never look back. Do they have past market experience? This prevents committing the same mistakes over and over again. Remember these people will be managing your hard earned money.

Does the coin have a purpose? Is the coin merely a fund-raising tool with no return for the coin holders? Is the coin structured with centralized control or a decentralized governance? Who will support the coin?

Analyze the economics. How many alt-coins or tokens are being created? Will the software platform generate new tokens? Make sure your investment is not too inflationary, you do not want them to be able to “print money” by creating new tokens indefinitely
What is the road-map for bringing their project to market? Think critically about whether their goals are achievable, based on what they have accomplished to date, and whether they have a working prototype,

Do they have any for projections? Few ICOs have a fully-baked business and financial plan but like any startup, investors should demand one. Make sure their business plan is sustainable, with enough revenue to cover expenses with a margin for growth.

How much is the ICO trying to raise and why? Where is all the money going? How is it being spent? Does a company need $50 million or $100 million to develop and market software?
Timing for Token Distribution

The team members of a good ICO usually connect its token distribution to the project roadmap because every project phase requires a reasonable amount of funding. So you should be suspicious if you discover that team members have allocated over 50% of the tokens. Interestingly, projects with a longer period between the ICO and token distribution usually have higher gain. The break helps to create more hype around the project. For instance, Decent ( 8 months, 350%), Ethereum (1 year, 500%) and Augur (Over 1 year, 1,500%).

Crowd Funding or Crowd Investing?

Depending on the white paper, tokens can have very different properties. ICOs are very often compared to crowdfunding or crowdinvesting on the Blockchain. Most cases are hybrid and don’t fall into either category. As opposed to crowdfunding where the investment is considered to be a donation, ICOs give the supporters the possibility of a return of investment when selling the token at a later date for a higher price. ICOs could be seen as a mix between a donation, investment or risk capital.

Investors get coins for supporting a startup idea. If a startup is successful, the token will be worth more in the future but is usually not a stake in the system. An ICO is similar to an IPO if the token represents a stake in the project. Unlike IPOs most ICOs that have been conducted in 2016 and 2017 didn’t give investors a traditional stake in the startup. These investors can be seen as supporters of a project who are solely motivated by the return of their investment.

What the community is saying about this ICO without a community backing it and having trust in it most likely it is not going to go any where.

How will BTG (Bitcoin Gold) hard fork affect the bitcoin price and what affect it will have on an cyptocurrency investor's portfolio?
Hi Lakshya, If it is anything like the last Bitcoin Cash fork it will effect your portfolio in a positive way because bitcoin holders ended up with the same amount of Bitcoin cash that they were holding in Bitcoin. Many people were worried that it would hurt the price of bitcoin but it did not then and I really doubt it will after this upcoming Bitcoin Goin Fork. So you will receive free Bitcoin gold you can either sell or add to your portfolio, so if anything it's like free money.. Bitcoin is unstoppable and to many exchanges etc depend on it a a form of payment.. I speculate that Bitcoin gold will be like another alt coin like bitcoin cash is now.. I hope this helps :)
Please tell me your favorite resources for learning technical analysis for crypto currencies!
Hi Blake, There are a few site with some great info on technical analysis.
What all I need to know about the upcoming hard fork of Ethereum? I am very new to ethereum investing and I hold my ethereum online on a exchange website from where I bought ethereum!
Hello Cryptoboy,

That is a great question! The first and most important thing you need to know is to never leave your coins on an Exchange. Exchanges are not for storing coins, they are for exchanging them. Meaning once you are done buying, selling or trading on an exchange, make sure you transfer your coins to your wallet when you are done.

Unlike storing your money in a bank, the coins you hold on an exchange are not federally insured. If a malicious exchange or a hacker takes your coins and disappears without a trace - they are gone. There is nothing you can do to get them back.

Especially during a fork you do not want to leave your coins on an exchange either. There could be a very good chance you might lose them. So make sure you put you coins in a wallet asap before the fork.

I highly recommended a storing your coins in a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano-s or Trazor but if you are not able to get a hardware wallet, check out your other options in the link below where they ​compare all top crypto-currency wallets in one place, whether you are interested in security, anonymity, ease of use, user reviews, etc - ​They​ show you the top wallet providers so you can make an informed choice​.​ Here is the link

I highly recommend as has a lot of great resources and info for everything you want to know Crypto-currency.

Let me know if you have anymore questions, I am happy to help in anyway I can.
what percentage of your portfolio do you keep on exchanges?
I never leave my coins on an Exchange. Exchanges are not for storing coins, they are for exchanging them. Once you are done buying, selling or trading on an exchange, make sure you transfer your coins to your wallet when you are done.

Unlike storing your money in a bank, the coins you hold on an exchange are not federally insured. If a malicious exchange or a hacker takes your coins and disappears without a trace - they are gone. There is nothing you can do to get them back. So no I would never leave them on an exchange ever..
We're launching a common ICO evaluation framework on HelpTap for everyone's benefit and will be reviewing and ranking each ICO based on predefined variables and scoring algorithm. Good idea?
I think it is a great idea and is something the crypto community needs especially with so many new ICO popping up. This will help many people take a second look before investing. Please do this!! :)
What do u guys think of Helptap/Quora like platform running on blockchain?
I think it is a great idea and is something the community needs along with other communities outside of the crypto world. I am a moderator on one of the larger forums and people have so many questions and need help all the time with things related to crypto. I think this is something totally different that steem and there is nothing out there like it, because people are able to ask anything the want and get the help they need. The really cool part of it is that the contributors that help them can rewarded for it. This is something I will gladly invest in and support! #HelptapBeliever
What do you think about Bitair coin?
It looks intresting from the little a have read about it. Unfornately BTCA token distribution is not available for U.S and Hong Kong residents.
How do I set up a crypto wallet?
Hello Austin,
First you need to do is find a wallet that supports the coins that you are holding.

Setting up a wallet all depends on what type of wallet you are using. I highly recommend a hardware wallet like the Ledger nano-s or Tezor but if you are unable to get one of those right now, the exodus is descent and supports quite a different few coins.

Please remember when setting up any wallet you will need to store your private keys in a safe place and make sure you do not lose or share them.

Can you tell me which wallet you are trying to set up so I can try to help you?
Why is a good choice to invest in altcoins while bitcoin rise?
It might not be a good idea to invest in altcoins just because Bitcoin is rising in price. Just recently before the BTG fork was a great time to invest in some altcoins because everyone was buying bitcoin so they could get the free BTG and a lot of the Altcoins were down in price but this is not normally the case in my experience. A lot of the times when the bitcoin price is low, some altcoins will be also or vice-versa. Every coin is different and you really can not go by the price for bitcoin to invest in another coin.

Always remember you want to buy low and sell high. Before buying any coin you want to look at the chart history to make sure you aren't buying during a high and make sure you have a good understanding of what you are investing in. is a great site that rates each coin with a fundamental analysis over eight study categories:

Open communication channels
Team strength
​Product strength
Coin strength
Business/Company strength
​Backed by community
Advisory board strength
Activity on social media

It also has historical growth performance for each coin and price predictions based on other markets growth patterns.

These are all very important but no coin is going to be perfect and each one will have its own strengths and weaknesses. You need to look at it like as if you are investing in a business because basically, you are.

Have you read the white paper?
What problem does it solve?
Who is the competition?
Do you believe in & understand the project?
How is the money being spent?
How is it going to make money?
Who is the Team?
What are their backgrounds?
Do you think they will work hard to make your investment profitable?
Have you seen any news posts or updates lately?

You need to ask yourself these type of questions and try to find the answers because basically, you are trusting them with your hard earned cash hoping to make a profit.

These should be some of the deciding factors when investing in any crypto.
I hope this helped with your question. Here is the link below and please, remember this site is just one resource. I highly recommend that you do your own research for any anything you plan on investing in and always remember do not invest what you can not afford to lose.
Hi guys and gals, what crypto currency exchange can you advise me for my crypto trading?
Hello Serge, Poloniex, Gdax, Kragen Cryptopia, BitTrexand Bittfinex is another one but do not use it if you are in the US becuase they are disabling and will not be supporting USA based accounts moving forward.
Has anyone noticed the rise in lending platforms this month? Thoughts, ideas, opinions?
Hello Blake,
Yes, I have and after ControlFinance and the other company I forget the name of shutting down, stealing investors money with the same exit strategy, I would be very skeptical in investing. Bitconnect I do have trust in because I have been with them for 6 months and have friends that have been with them longer. They have been around for a while now and that is the only lending platform I trust at the moment. Of course, investing in anything can be a risk but I personally would stay away from all these new companies popping up until they have been around for a while and good customer feedback.
What will happen to Bitcoin price after the next hard fork?
Hi jordan,
I believe that bitcoin is unstoppable. The price with go up again before the fork and most likely go down a bit for a few days to a week after. The thing with bitcoin is that, it's on every exchange and you need it to purchase other altcoins and much more. I speculate that not much will happen after this fork based on the history on the last 2 forks..​We will wait and see. You never know I could be wrong but I doubt it..
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