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Answers by Lakshya

Who are the leading women influencers in the blockchain space- looking to write a thought piece?
Heard that blockchain has huge potential. What else can we use it for other than cryptocurrencies?
People are already doing a lot in it. See and, the social networks created on blockchain!
I personally made a project (just an idea) on energy saving using blockchain and IoT. Many things can be done because we have to utilize the main essence of blockchain which is trust building with distributed ledger!
Is it possible to earn crypto through this helptap platform?
No, I don't think so! It's just a platform to get your curiosity resolved! :)
I think starta is a do I spot a scam ICO project?
Here are few things you can do:
Making sure the team is real, the contact information is real, the white paper is there, which is very important. to connect with one of their team members and discuss the ICO with them. If you're unable to reach anyone, then it's a no no.
Try* to connect
Have you found asking questions on here to be better or more efficient than doing a google search?
I personally have found it better because I get answers directly in my chat! Moreover I get perspectives from a lot of people in short answers rather than going and reading around all the articles.
How blockchain technology could revolutionize healthcare applications?
The essence of it being a distributed ledger is the most important aspect which can be used in sharing the data for various patients across various health problems and then come up with a predictive healthcare solution.
What problems can blockchain solve in education? Could blockchain technology work for record keeping system of school and colleges?
As an example, there are initiatives of registering university degrees and different educational certificates on the top of the blockchain: creating solutions where Blockchain becomes something like a hacking-resistance, certified, public Diploma store.
Hello, i'm trying to understand about bitcoin, and now, i meet 'blockchain'. Is there any relation between this two?
Sure they do!
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and blockchian is the underlying technology of the bitocin!
The main thing is "proof of work" which is the basics of Bitcoin. The Bitcoin is made out of thin air but the whole back process is very complicated!
What all I need to know about the upcoming hard fork of Ethereum? I am very new to ethereum investing and I hold my ethereum online on a exchange website from where I bought ethereum!
What you need to do as a user?
Users who do not upgrade will have clients sync to the pre-fork chain without replay protection. Users are advised to download the latest version of Ethereum client - Ethereum Wallet/Mist, geth client (v 1.7.2), Parity client (v 1.7.6), Harmony client (v 2.1.0).

Users who are using mobile or Internet-based wallets should be certain to check if their wallet provider is requiring any actions from users. Generally, mobile and Internet providers are running their own client infrastructure, and users should not have to take any action. However, as always it is recommended that users contact their individual providers to be certain.
What are the exchanges from where I can buy cryptocurrencies other than BTC, Ether, and Ripple in India? I need to buy LTC, Dogecoin, Monero, Zcash etc. in India only. Anybody knows about that?
You can do two things; use poloniex or bittrex if you want to cover all the cryptocurrencies and make a good portfolio, make a friend in China/USA and help them buy for you and then transfer it to your wallet in India. In India, there are exchanges which focus on either BTC or Ether or Ripple but not all at the same time. Koinex is the one which focuses on all and maybe more like LTC etc.
If you want the full range, go for the former option.
Can the blockchain technology can be used to create organizations which can directly or indirectly impact the environment or climate change in a positive way?
Here are some ways in which blockchain technology be used for the environment -
1. Blockchain can be used to incentivize people who recycle their stuff. For example, making an app that stores your record of recycling stuff and then gives you tokens which can then be used for various purposes.
2. Energy sector can be revolutionized with this technology. I attended a conference where I presented an Action Project on how to use blockchain and IoT to solve the energy crisis. Something like peer to peer blockchain based energy system that would reduce the need to transmit electricity over long distances. Then further we can use smart contracts to trade our carbon emission licences too.
3. Blockchain-based NGOs can be another thing. If you donate, let's say 100 dollars, then you can track every penny and where it is being spent. Also, you can transfer your funds without any banks and all.
4. Tracking the product from raw material to its final stage of a finished product. Taking all the data and see how much carbon footprint it is generating and taxing the products accordingly. If products with more carbon footprint are expensive, people will buy more eco-friendly products. Everything can be validated and trusted using a blockchain.
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