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Answers by Blake

How to write a smart contract?
Ivan on Tech has a wonderful tutorial on this!
With all the volatility in the market, is it a bad time to invest in bitcoin right now?
Well with rumors about Amazon accepting bitcoin in October, i have a feeling we might have a huge price spike into the end of this year. Could be a great time to buy now, we pulled back from 5,000 down to 3,000 and now these stable lvls of 3400-3700 could be a good entry especially if we break out higher later today ... But the charts for the daily are still trending downwards. News could change it but well see!
After the mining of 21 million bitcoins, what will be incentive for the people who take part in the blockchain network, also called miners?
Well right now miners are making a ton of money on transaction fees, due to network congestion. These problems are being fixed and will lower the fees. So its possible that in the far future of 2100 when the last bitcoins are being mined that these fees could increase corresponding to block rewards. So that miners will run nodes purely to confirm transactions and collect the higher fees from them.
Heard that blockchain has huge potential. What else can we use it for other than cryptocurrencies?
Ethereum has huge potential because it can be developed into more than just currency. It is Turing complete meaning it can run arbitrary programs on top of its code. Giving rise to Decentralized applications that can change the way certain aspects of the world work. Smart contracts and governance for instance can be updated and changed to save time and money. It has its very own scripting language called solidity. Programmers are working on solving problems with the ETH blockchain that others cant.

Example of one of these projects is Civic. An identity verification platform which could be used in the future to secure online IDs for purchases or votes.
What is an ICO pre-sale?
Usually a pre-sale of an ICO is for it's earliest investors and constituents. It allows them to purchase the tokens before the general public. Also people who have very Large amounts of money/influence may be eligible pre-sales of a token.
What are some of the best ICO whitepapers you have read so far? Looking for recommendations!
Glad you looked into Civic! As to your new question, i highly suggest if you havent already, the original Satoshi Nakamoto White Paper!

I have read a bunch of ICO white papers and these project corner stones tell a lot about the project and capability of the developers. Some you can tell right away if their native language is English. Others come off as blatant scams. A good example in my opinion, of a well thought, organized, legit white paper comes from the team at Golem. They have a structure, road-map, & goals with team integrity.
Why has been the price of bitcoin fluctuating these past few days? There wasn't any significant news which could affect it so much. What's the reason?
Segwit activation has been blossoming and is now up past 10% adoption. This is something people thought would take a lot longer. Also a new investment firm is opening up bitcoin trading for big investors with money over 1 million dollars "LEDGER X". Last but not least 2 up coming hard forks means more free bitcoin, so people might be stocking up before we retrace back to all time highs at past $5,000.!
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