Everything you wanted to know about fundraising in one place

startup fundraising

What is fundraising?

Fundraising is a process in which entrepreneurs and founders raise money to run and grow their business.

In this module you'll be learning everything about how to fundraise for your business.

From learning about funding options, to preparing pitchdecks to signing off termsheet, you'll go through an intensive and rigourous curriculum.

Here are the key steps in the fundraising process:

Step 1: Evaluate whether you need funding in the first place

Fundraising basics

Step 2: What fundraising options are available to you?

Fundraising options

Step 3: How to prepare an investor deck?

Investor pitchdeck

Step 4: How to do investor outreach?

Step 5: How to set up investor meetings?

Step 6: What fundraising options are available to you?

Investor outreach

Investor meetings

Investment terms

Deal room

Investor updates

Terms Privacy Mission

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