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HelpTap is a personalized learning & incubation platform for entrepreneurs. Whether you're looking to validate your idea, grow your product or raise funding, use powerful tools and get hands-on support at various stages of your journey of building a successful venture. Think of us as your on-demand, virtual co-founder.

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If you have a desire to become an entrepreneur or simply struggling to come up with business ideas, this phase will help you learn the fundamentals and develop sound, validated hypothesis that you can start working on.


Learn about what starting up means, what to expect in the journey, and how to assess your preparedness.

Identifying opportunities

Can you spot ideas? Study customer behavior and learn how to identity problems in existing solutions or gaps in existing markets.

Opportunity analysis

Create one-pager high level hypothesis about any opportunity to evaluate its soundness and share it among your circles to get feedback.

Customer validation

Filter and expand on the promising opportunities. Prepare questionnaire to gather feedback from real customers and mentors.

Analyze data

Do analysis to prove or refute assumptions in original hypothesis. Finalize top idea(s) to be taken forward to the next stage.

Business plan

Prepare high level business plan to expand on the opportunity. This will serve as your guiding document.

Objective of this stage is to take your validated idea from previous step to product-market fit. This is where you will start turning your ideas into reality.

MVP design

Keeping feature set minimal, develop product mock-ups and wire-frames to illustrate the workings of the solution.

Build product

Put your design into practice through actual prototyping. Build it yourself or get external assistance where needed.

Raise capital

Depending upon nature of the opportunity, raise capital from angels or friends to get going.

Pre launch

Define target users for launch and start developing a community to generate awareness about your product.

AAARRR and KPI dashboard

Integrate analytics tools to make sure you can track the flow of your users through the funnel.

Launch and measure

After initial testing, release your MVP among a set of users and measure their feedback - both qualitative and quantitative.

If you've achieved product-market fit, and are ready to scale your business, then this is the right stage for you. Objective of this stage is to help you with growth plan and raise capital to execute it.

Fundraising options

Evaluate all available options to raise funds (equity, debt, rev share or ISAs) to see what best fits your needs.

Investor deck

Prepare a professional, to-the-point deck to share your story, traction so far, targets and how much you're looking to raise.

Investor outreach

Prepare a custom outreach campaign to target most relevant investors and set up meetings.

Deal negotiation

Convert meetings into termsheets. Negotiate valuation, liquidation preferences, voting rights among other things.

Hiring and growth

From technical to marketing, find talented people to join your team, execute your plan and meet business targets.

Systems and processes

Using right tools, set up proper processes in place to measure output, validate hypothesis, communicate effectively & more.

By now you would have raised funding, grown your business and expanded your team. Objective of this stage to help you consolidate and streamline your business for future stability.


Avoid unnecessary blot in the organization by optimizing footprint and costs across the board.

Agile methods

Implement agile systems and processes to meet quality standards and keep organization nimble.


Establish an image - internally and externally - that reflects company's brand values and culture.


Provide leadership and management coaching to senior members in the team to become effective at their jobs.

Back office

Outsource non critical functions to specialist service providers to reduce costs and cognitive overhead.

Revise plans

Keep assessing your business plan and KPIs biannually based on market conditions and company stage.

Powered by proprietary tools, proven templates, and strong network of like-minded people

Tools & frameworks

Access 100+, off-the-shelf tools and frameworks to save time and stay on track during the whole journey

Knowledge base

Learn from 1000+ structured multimedia (blogs, videos, podcasts) resources at right stages.


Connect with thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs. Ask your questions and learn from each other.


Participate in virtual demo days and meet 10000+ angels & VCs looking to invest in businesses.

Advisors and mentors

Find leading experts from industry and academia. Connect and explore ways of working together.

On demand help

Have a question? Need a hand? Our team is always around to support you on any area of your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join the program?

Our mission is to democratize entrepreneurship and make it as accessible and easy as possible. It shouldn't be a privilege of a chosen few with right pedigree and support. Anyone can sign up and get started.

Does the program only help teams?

No. We see a world where everyone should be solopreneur so they can live and earn on their terms. Whether you're working on a lifestyle business or the next unicorn, our objective is provide you with best support system.

How is it different from accelerators ?

Unlike existing incubators that have fixed duration, need billion+ $ market size, blanket program structure, a focus on vanity metrics, traction & location requirements, we work with startup individually as per their needs.

What if I'm not satisfied?

If you're not happy or making any progress, you can cancel your susbscription at any point, no questions asked.

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