Frequently asked questions

What is HelpTap?

HelpTap is a community first platform where members get connected on chat to share instant answers or advice about the blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, ICOs and more. In turn, helpful members get rewarded and recognized for the help they provide.
In essence, HelpTap is redefining the process of finding high-value information and advice by building a rich and robust community where members are awarded for helping each other. Yes, we believe in karma.

How does HelpTap work?

HelpTap focuses on simplifying the way world works by connecting members in need to members who can help. On HelpTap, anyone can ask a question while the platform sends their question to members who have the knowledge/expertise to answer them.
Once a member accepts a question and responds to it, he/she becomes a helper entering into a private one-on-one chat with the asker giving both the asker and the helper the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation and form long lasting connections.

How much does it cost to join HelpTap?

It doesn't cost a thing to create an account on HelpTap. You can ask questions, answer them and chat all for free. In fact, you might just end up earning for being a contributor!

How do I create an account on HelpTap?

To get started on HelpTap, click on the "Sign Up" option from the hamburger drop-down menu on the top-right corner of the page.
You will be asked to sign up with either your gmail id or any of your social profiles like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Why do I need to sign up with my real details?

In order to verify the accounts created on HelpTap and prevent users from creating spammy accounts, we require users to provide real authentication which is why we ask for social or google credentials. This is to protect the integrity of the platform and be able to deliver a clean and noise-free experience.
Additionally, this also gives us the opportunity to send you real-time notifications to the email id associated with your HelpTap account.

How do I ask questions on HelpTap?

To ask a question, all you have to do is click on the 'Ask a question' button situated on the top-center of the page and type your question in the empty field that appears.
Click on 'enter' after you type your question and are ready to shoot it off to the community. Don't be shy, just say Hi!

What questions can I ask on HelpTap?

Since, HelpTap is a community built around the blockchain and cryptocurrency space with members ranging from beginners to professionals and experts you are free to ask any and every thing related to this booming technology and all its moving parts.
To give you a better idea, see the type of questions already asked on the platform on the home page

Who receives the questions I ask on HelpTap?

Questions asked on HelpTap are routed to members based on the tags each member adds to their HelpTap profile. So say if you only have the tag bitcoin on your profile, you will receive a question like "What incentive will miners get after all 21 million bitcoins are mined?" but you will not receive "How to develop a smart contract?"
To help you with this, your new profile comes with a few pre-added tags. Feel free to edit or remove them if they do not align with your knowledge.
If you want to receive specific or more questions, feel free to add more tags :)

How do I answer questions on HelpTap?

To answer questions on HelpTap, login to your account and visit the feed. This is where you will see all the questions sent to you.
To answer a particular question, simply click on the chat button located right under the question.
Once you do so, you will seamlessly enter into a private chat with the asker where you can start answering and helping them out.

What do I get for answering questions?

On HelpTap we have a community incentive model. The way it works is you help someone and the asker shows gratitude by clicking on Thanks(increasing your thank count) and if they really like your answer rewarding you with HelpTap coins.

What are the responses shown with each question on my feed?

The responses you see on your feed are publicly saved responses. Everytime a helper answers a question, he/she can choose to save their answer and making it public.
Everyone who visits HelpTap or lands on a particular question can see these saved responses. It's in the best interest of members to save their responses,if they think that it might be valuable to other people with the same question.

How do I add my answer to the responses shown with each question?

On HelpTap, every interaction begins with a private chat first. If you want to add your own response to public responses,
To add your response, start chattting with the person who has asked the question and you will see an option to save your response publicly.
Just tap on the save icon and select the messages you want to save as your response. The answers you save also get added to your profile, ultimately giving you credibility on the platform.

Why should I save my responses?

There are three main reasons why you should save your question:

  • Your response could help others with the same question
  • Since saved responses are visible to everyone, other people who read your response and find it helpful can thank you for it. A higher thank count shows that you have genuinely helped other members giving you an increased credibility on the platform.

Does HelpTap plan to go for an ICO?

Yes, absolutely! However, given the fact that many ICOs shoot to the moon or tank completely, HelpTap is focused on delivering a highly valuable experience first. We believe that an ICO can only succeed if the platform itself provides value to its members.

What value do the coins I earn have?

Coins on HelpTap will have monetary value attached when we do an ICO and all the top contributors will get substantial rewards as you can imagine.
Think of coins on HelpTap like proof-of-knowledge or service.